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A light trapping system to aid pest monitoring and management.



What does it do?


Developed by Dr Robert Mensah - Senior Principal Research Scientist, Biopesticides & IPM, NSW DPI; and Alison Young - Technical Officer, Biopesticides & IPM, NSW DPI; in association with Cotton Growers Services.


The “Zappa” trap uses a specific light wavelength which is highly attractive to Green Mirids (Creontiades dilutus) and Green Vegetable Bugs (Nezara viridula), while not attracting beneficials.


These pests are highly mobile, and their flight phenology is difficult to understand.


This effective monitoring tool is able to determine insect arrival and their numbers as soon as they appear. This allows us to predict peak activity

of these pests within a crop, enabling effective control measures to be applied in a timely fashion.


Pests monitored include helicoverpa moths, green mirids and green vegetable bugs and many more.



“Strategically positioned around the cotton field we were able to detect building numbers of mirids prior to reaching the infield threshold. We could then use this to aid in making spraying decisions.”

Pat McGuinness 

Riverina Agronomic Management Services



“The use of the “Zappa” trap could help gain a better understanding of pest behaviour which in turn could lead to optimal timing of control measures. This would help reduce the reliance on chemical control measures which may reduce the potential flaring of end of season pests, such as whitefly.”

Dr R. Mensah

Senior Principal Research Scientist, Biopesticides & IPM, NSW DPI


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